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Kei Shiogai

“Kei Shiogai is a talented star in Burgundy, dazzling on the sky of Pearl of Burgundy.” –PoB team

Originally from Japan, Kei studied viticulture and vinification in Beaune and Dijon.

After working and learning from Domains such as Pacalet, Rousseau, and Roulot, he decided to start his own winery.

Kei is hard-working, especially when it comes to taking care of the vineyards. The purposely low yielded vines ensure him the best quality of the grapes. He chose to vinify in a whole cluster, without sulfites. He has a very precise vision of what he wants to achieve.

Kei is a perfectionist when it comes to wine-making. His roots are subtly integrated into his passion, the knowledge, and the inspiration he got from his various experiences in Burgundy. This natural fusion combines with respect to the soils while targeting the finest of each terroir. Regardless of the risks he is willing to take to reach that point.

Kei’s wines are a direct transfer from his heart to the bottle.

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